Headshot Photography Sessions

During your headshot session, I shoot between 1-3 different looks, depending upon the package you choose. Throughout the session, I’ll shoot anywhere from 200-350 images. As I’m shooting, I strive to capture a variety of looks and expressions so that we have plenty to work with when it comes down to editing to find the strongest images. I don’t limit our shoot to a particular set number of shots because I feel every session is unique in itself. With that in mind, I shoot until I feel we’ve gotten the necessary shots needed. The majority of my headshots are photographed in a horizontal format. If you specifically need vertical or ¾ (mid-body) shots during your session, please let me know and I'll be happy to shoot those for you as well.

Following your session, the next stage in the process is the editing stage where I will then edit those 200-350 images down to 75-100 of your strongest shots. I will then apply light enhancement and color correction to these proofs which I will then upload to a website proofing gallery. You will also be able to share that link with casting directors, agents and anyone else that may be able to help you choose the shots you decide to use. I can also offer my professional input as well regarding what images I feel are your strongest. After reviewing your proofs, you will then have the opportunity to select 1-3 images (pending your chosen package) for final retouching.

The final stage of this process will involve extended retouching & enhancement of those 1-3 selected images. During this process, I will remove blemishes, pimples, soften skin tones, etc... in providing you with final images that have a polished look and feel. If interested, additional images can also be retouched (additional charges apply).

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